Questions To Ask Anyone Running For Office

How to Select the Best Presidential Candidate

How to Select the Best Presidential Candidate
by Marnie Pehrson
Read the U.S. Constitution here.

If you were a referee at a basketball game, what would be the first thing you would need to know or do? How well could you judge the game if you were not familiar with the rule book? If you didn’t know about the three-second rule or didn’t know what constituted a foul, or didn’t know how many shots a person received when they were fouled, could you fairly referee the game?

And if you didn’t know the rules, what might happen on the sidelines or in the bleachers as the fans became more and more incensed at your ineptitude? Would they rise up in anger against you? Would they walk out of the game?

What if they didn’t know the rules either? What if everyone in the building was clueless about the rules of basketball — the players, the refs and the fans all had a different idea of how the rules should go. You’d end up with pure chaos, wouldn’t you?

We live in an age of rampant information and disinformation. Anyone may put their ideas or opinions out on the internet as fact. Anyone may claim themselves to be an expert. Anyone may report “news” as if it is fact without any real checks or balances in place about proper reporting or verification of facts.

So how is one to know the truth? As Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” (John 18:38). As everyone scrambles to find their next Presidential candidate for 2008, there is mudslinging, false news reports, attacks upon character and more. How is the average American to know “what is truth?” In essence, our nation is like a bunch of ball players, referees and fans who have forgotten the rule book. Because we don’t know the rules of the game, we can’t judge and we certainly can’t proceed fairly.

And so I make a plea with my fellow Americans to return to the rule book – to make it an active part of your study. Read a little less news if you have to. Stop searching out negative information and disinformation on the internet and spend more time studying the rule book and educating others about that rule book. What is this rule book? If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s the Constitution of the United States of America. If you will make an honest study of it, you will find that much of what is advocated today by political ball players, fans and referees is simply a mad scramble for power and gain or at the very least just rules they made up. Most of it can’t even be found in the rule book at all.

The Constitution of the United States of America has served us well for over 225 years — in spite of society’s degeneracy, and in spite of it having been ignored, twisted and misinterpreted. Just think of what we could do if the “fans” of this country read the rule book! Would we allow power hungry refs and corrupt players to ruin the game? Of course we wouldn’t! Would a crowd of fans at a basketball game — who were well acquainted with the rules — stand by and watch the referees and ballplayers ruin the game of basketball? Of course not!

Then why don’t we Americans wake up to our own power to set things right. Begin a thorough study of the Constitution and invite your friends and family to do the same. Study The Federalist Papers as well — they are essays written by the Founders themselves and will help you understand why they included the things that they did in that inspired document.

Once you understand the Constitution, it won’t matter what the media says. It won’t matter what disinformation or corruption is out there. You’ll be able to review the voting records of politicians and easily see whether they know the rules or not. It will all become as plain as judging a basketball game.

Stop fighting against the dark shadows and sinister forces — for whatever you resist persists. Instead, start fighting for truth and justice. Start fighting for the rule book — The Constitution of the United States of America!


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